Mission To Oyo Ile

MAY 23, 2021

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                                        Mission To Oyo Ile            



Sunday the 9th of May was a day to remember by the inhabitants of Oyo Ile and the surrounding villages.


Why? The Immanuel College Chapel Mission Team, led by the Dean of the College, the Venerable Dr. Isaac Oyeneye, the Chaplain, the Venerable E.B.B. Omowaye and the Assistant Chaplain the Venerable Lanre Babalola, was on an evangelical visit.


For five months the Mission Team had not been able to make the monthly trip to any of the 100 villages where it relates to the people, preaching Christ the Saviour, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Our last visit was to Adeyipo Village on December 9, 2020 where we hosted representatives of all the villagers, about 500 of them, to our annual Love Feast. Since then the villagers had been starved, as it were, of the spiritual meal which we serve to them.


So the people of Oyo Ile and the nearby villagers, 170 of them, were more than happy to receive us in our two buses singing Christian songs as we approached the venue, typically under a big tree to provide some shade from the afternoon sun.


After another 15 minutes of choruses the Dean gave the opening prayer following which the Chaplain delivered the message titled “God’s Love”, with John 3:16 as the text. He told the village audience that God created man out of love. He put him Adam, in a special Garden, the Garden of Eden, which He specially established for him for his, enjoyment and protection knowing in advance that satan would attempt to corrupt him, Gen. 2:8-9.


Which is why He warned him not to eat a particular fruit out of the many in the Garden but he and his wife, Eve, allowed themselves to be tricked by satan. Gen. 3:1-6. They ate it and this brought separation between God, the loving and caring Father, and Adam and Eve. They had committed sin and God was angry with them. He cursed them and drove them away from the Garden Gen. 3: 23-24. From then on they had to fend for themselves. God hates sin, Ps. 7:11.  And he punishes the offender. For hundreds of years man ran away from God until Jesus came to die for our sins on the cross and to reconcile us to God.



But even in our time some of us still worship gods which are the creation of man. That upsets God. Nothing should take His place in our heart. Not our property. Not even our children however highly placed they may be, in the community or the country.


Sin leads to bondage. Confess your sin and repent. God the ever-loving Father will forgive you. But you too must forgive those who offend you. That is what God expects from you. Don’t nurse a grudge against your neighbor or friend.


At the end of message, the Assistant Chaplain, Ven. Dr. Babalola, and other members of the Mission Team prayed for the villagers, especially those who came forward on account of one challenge or the other. We also prayed separately for the youth and the children. Thereafter we distributed food items among the villagers. The Dean, the Ven. Dr. Oyeneye, brought the event to a close with a prayer at 5.00pm.




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