MARCH 11, 2017

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Ekeola Mission Field, Akinyele, Ibadan.
The Ekeola Mission Field under the leadership of Pastor Timothy Ajibade, celebrated its Third Annual Outreach from Monday April 4 to Saturday April 9, 2016.
The programme for the period was in three sessions, everyday, from Tuesday to Friday. These include counseling, teaching of the word and night vigil.
There were deliverance session, health talk, discussions on women issues including widowhood and its challenges. Also there were sessions for the youth and their role in the church.
Among the ministers who participated in the various events were Pastor and Pastor (Mrs) Ajibade, Pastor Joshua Oluwumi, Elder Adewunmi of Glory Tabernacle and Evangelist J. Adekola from Akure.
The closing session was led by the Chairman of Kaykay Fellowship Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi, assisted by three other Fellowship members, Dr. Femi Bammeke, Professor Bayo Odebiyi and Mrs. C.S. Akingbade.
A baby boy, christened Johnson, Imole, born during the week-long programme was brought forward for dedication. He was admitted to the kingdom.
The theme of Dr. Sotunmbi’s ministration was “Rebuilding The Alter’, I Kings 18:30. He told the 40 villagers, including pastors at the event, that there are two kinds of alters, the physical and the spiritual. The physical may be a shrine, which is dedicated to a satanic object, a god to which its devotes make sacrifices. Those sacrifices usually involve the slaying of dogs, pigeons, chickens, goats and sometimes, sadly, human beings.
The acceptable physical alter is the place of Christian worship which is the church. In this alter God expects our worship, our offerings and our services. No animal or human blood is involved as Jesus bad made the final sacrifice with His own blood.
The place of the spiritual sacrifice is our heart. That is where the spirit of God lives but for non-christians, the heart is where Satan lives. God speaks to us through our hearts. He teaches, admonishes and counsels us. Satan tells his devotes what to do.
For some Christians their alters have broken down. They must rebuild them in order to maintain their relationship with God.
(a) Christian Physical Alters
Many church buildings in the villages are in a dilapidated state. They need urgent repairs. Generally church auditoriums in the towns are far better in design and construction.
The village communities can themselves mobilise resources however modest. The city-based churches, to which they may be affiliated, can provide help.
(b) But the real church is not the building. It is the congregation. Villagers are generally disadvantaged in terms of their living standards. They need clean water and skills. They need health services too, at the primary level.
Spiritual Alters
There are several spiritual alters that have broken dawn.
 Many people tend to focus on career, money, power and position and, in doing so, leave God out preferring to treat Him as a mere consultant to their needs rather than the centre of their lives. We remember God mostly on Sundays, at Christmas, weddings, chieftaincy celebrations, dedication of a new house, birthdays and the like.
 Even we church leaders are shifting focus. Everyone wants to be a Bishop, General Overseer, President or General Superintendent. We must repair this alter urgently.
 All of us must accept the need for sacrifice. That means you must forgo fame, wealth or power if any of these compete with our service to God. This is what Paul the Apostle means when he says we must present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, Rom. 12:1.




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