To raise leaders for the church who seek to know and serve God with every bit of their energy in full realization that no one can stray into heaven, that the Christian life is a consistent struggle, a selfless drive to look, be and act like Christ

To mobilize young and adult Christians to be at the core of the Great Commission in their church and fellowship groups, witnessing for Christ, providing prayerful and material support for the poor, the sick and the aged and to promote an in-depth knowledge of the word.

Dr. Sotunmbi was born in Abeokuta of Anglican parents. He was baptized and confirmed at the old St. Peter’s Church, Ake Abeokuta. But he attended a Methodist Primary School, and for the period of his primary education, attended the Itesi Methodist Church. In effect he became a denominational hybrid a situation which has persisted till date as his preferred church, for more than 30 years, is the Immanuel College Chapel, Ibadan, a co-denominational (Anglican/Methodist) Church. In effect his approach to worship and service is beyond denomination. It is evangelical.

He met Christ in the Holy Land in 1995 when for him, the scriptures came alive vividly and indisputably. The birth, death and resurrection of Jesus were no longer mere historical truths, recorded in the bible. They became, for him, an experience. He has not looked back since then.

Since the late 1990s he has been an evangelist, teacher and pastor although he does not bear any religious title, not just because he is not formally ordained, by preference, but because the work on hand is urgent, and titles and ranks can wait.

Biodun is always touched by pain-physical and spiritual-in others, including non-believers, may be because he has seen and endured human suffering in close quarters. Thus when he comes across people in distress, physical, mental, material or spiritual, he is moved to action, including but not limited to prayers.

Biodun’s partner in this business is Taiwo, his wife of nearly forty years. A doctor and child of God she too responds to affliction in others through giving of her professional services, time and other resources. Husband and wife often collaborate, praying and acting on the direction of the Holy Spirit. In the course of Biodun’s spiritual growth there are not less than two outstanding influences, men of God that the Holy Spirit used to shape his spiritual depth and orientation. First is the retired Methodist Bishop of Osogbo, in his years as Chaplain of the Immanuel College Chapel, Ibadan, the very Revd John Adeleke Bamgboye, as he then was. And then, of course, is Pastor Powell Chika Onwudiwe, missionary, teacher and pastor.

We are active in a prayer group, two Christian fellowships and a Prayer Retreat where we teach/learn the word of God, seek His face and counsel the brethren, every week. We are also on mission to villages, every month, ministering the word.

We are committed to the promotion of Christian values, namely, love, patience, selflessness, sacrifice and endurance. We seek to discourage the pursuit of position, rank, power and wealth where they negate the message of the gospel.

We provide assistance to Christian educational institutions, support the provision of drinkable water in villages and assist poor widows and orphans


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